Een voorbeeld van echte Loyaliteit:

Buddhist awakening occurs when I realize that I am no other than the world: I am what the world is doing right here, right now. This is liberation because it frees me from the self-preoccupation of always trying to ground myself. If ‘I’ am not inside ´my´ body, looking out at the world outside, then ´I´ do not need to secure myself. Once ´I´ have truly realized this by letting-go of myself, there is nothing to lose, nothing that needs to be made ´real´. …..
I am groundless and ungroundable in sofar as delusively feeling myself separate from the world; but I have always been grounded insofar as I am nondual with the world. ….. According to Buddhism, such awakening is spontaneously accompanied by compassion for all beings, now percieved as part of myself.”

(David Loy)